About me

Hello there, My name is Tanim Istiaque and this is my personal blog. I was born and raised in Chittagong before moving to Dhaka to attend college (university). I completed my undergrad in Chemical Engineering from BUET(wikipedia) and currently an MBA candidate at IBA, University of Dhaka(wikipedia),

This blog is about me with no additional set topics. My favorite topics are Finance, Music, Philosophy, Literature, and Economics. I also used to love sports and video games but lately that love dropped off. Rest assured, these are the topics you would encounter in this blog very often.

I would list my social media here but I mostly use reddit. So, irrelevant to say the least.

You can contact me by sending an email to X@tanimistiaque.com. Replace the X with “me”(without the quotes). Sorry for the trouble, but bots are terribly advanced these days. I would get back to you within 24 hours once you mail me.

Meanwhile, listen to one of the favorite podcast episodes and also one of my favorite tunes .