Privacy Policy

No identifiable personal information like – name, email etc. is collected in this site. Comments and registration is disabled to support privacy.

What is this

A personal blog of Tanim Istiaque, read bio here.

What personal data is collected and why

Usage data

Whenever you visit this site, we store some data to enhance the site features. We collect IP, browser, country and OS etc non-identifiable data.


We may use cookies to enhance functionality on our site. You may deactivate or delete cookies at any time.

Contact form

Your name and email is collected when you use the contact form. The information is only used to contact you back and not stored anywhere afterwards.

Embedded content from other websites

Posts on this site occasionally include content from other websites. We do no have any control over them. These contents behave the same way as they would if you visited their site


Who we share your data with

Nobody has access to usage data except the sole webmaster of this blog.

How long we retain your data

As long as you use our site.

Additional information

How we protect your data

We use WP-Statistics, the open source tracker in this site. So, big data collectors do not have access to this site. Additionally, this site has ads turned off by default. So, your usage data will go nowhere other than this site.